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Didactic Centre of the Medical University of Łódź

Address: Pomorska 251, Łódź

The Didactic Centre of the Medical University of Łódź is one of the most innovative conference venues in Poland. It is ideal for organising various types of events such as training sessions and conferences, or other activities at the highest European level. An exceptionally wide offer of spaces with varied sizes and purposes makes this conference centre unique when compared to other venues of this type in Poland.

The Didactic Centre features, among other amenities: Auditorium 1000 and West Auditorium where sessions, panels and pitching sessions will be held, as well as smaller lecture spaces. Furthermore, the venue also features workshop rooms, where theme-specific groups will meet during the Summit, as well as comfortable networking and exhibition spaces. A large fenced car park is available for the guests’ use.

& Gala Dinner

Vienna House andel’s Łódź

Address: Ogrodowa 17, Łódź

Vienna House andel’s Łódź**** is a partnership hotel of the Summit, where the Gala Dinner will be held.

The Hotel is located in the monumental building of a former spinning mill, the Izrael Poznański plant, in the centre of Łódź, just 1.5 km from the famous Piotrkowska Street. The building is a part of the Manufaktura cultural and shopping centre.

The Hotel offers modern interiors, which, combined with post-industrial architecture, create a unique atmosphere and reflect the local character of the city. Aside from rooms and suites, the hotel also includes the Delight Restaurant, bars, conference rooms, a spa area located on the top floor, as well as a swimming pool with a magnificent view onto the city, saunas, a massage area, fitness room and the biggest ballroom in Łódź - for 800 people. The Hotel was recently awarded with the title of the best Polish venue (eighth in Europe) in a European rating.

Distance from venue: 4.5 km


Museum of the City of Łódź & Welcome Reception

Address: Ogrodowa 15, Łódź

The Museum of the City of Łódź has its seat in one of the most impressive buildings in Łódź, the former Palace of Poznansky. The palace, along with its garden is located in the Nothern part of the city, near historical factory buildings and former labourer’s houses. Together these structures formed an industrial-residential complex typical of „the Polish Manchester”. The property has changed over time, with the palace-garden complex repeatedly transformed along with the changing social status of the Poznanski family. The residential building, often compared to the Parisian Louvre, served Łódź’s industrial bourgeoisie to achieve prestige and consolidate their identity. The Museum of the City of Łódź is an interdisciplinary facility, collecting antique items from many fields of social life, history, culture and art of the city - and housing a professional library with particularly valuable collection of prints connected with Łódź. The Museum spreads cultural, artistic and aesthetic values and shapes cognitive sensitivity by informing visitors about collected sets and enabling contact with them. Teaching through enjoyment and by being in a somewhat archaic, ”ancient” surroundings full of mysteries, the Museum raises young peoples interest in the mechanism of the past and encourages the habit of communing with culture and visiting museums or galleries. As a part of the educational programme, Museum workers lead classes based on exhibitions, using not only values of the exhibition, but also the most interesting items. Transfer of knowledge about the history of Łódź in its various aspects, as well as shaping proper attitude towards the past and the traditions of a multi-cultural city - and teaching tolerance for dissimilarities and religious differences - are the essence of the program.

Distance from venue: 5 km
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other hotels

DoubleTree by Hilton Łódź

Address: Łąkowa 29, Łódź
Phone: +48 42 208 80 00

DoubleTree by Hilton is the first hotel of this brand located in Poland. The 4-star hotel was erected on the site of a former Feature Film Studio. It is located in the centre of the city, 1 km away from Piotrkowska Street, close to Atlas Arena, a popular concert and sports venue. Important communication nodes are also located close to this hotel, such as the Łódź Airport or Kaliska Train Station. It offers 200 comfortable rooms, a swimming pool on the 10th floor as well as a spacious and well-equipped Conference Centre. A panorama view onto the Józef Poniatowski Park can be enjoyed from the hotel.

Distance from venue: 8 km
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Ambasador Premium Łódź

Address: Kilińskiego 145, Łódź
Phone: +48 42 677 15 40

Ambasador Premium**** is located in the centre of Łódź, near famous Piotrkowska Street. The National Film School in Łódź is four minutes from the hotel. The distance from the Łódź Airport is 6 km.
The hotel offers more than 200 rooms in various standards, including family rooms and suites. Guests can also enjoy a spa with a swimming pool, saunas, beauty salons, massage services, a squash court, a bar with a bowling alley and a dance room as well as an underground car park.

Distance from venue: 5 km
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