Kristina Lagerstedt

1928 Diagnostics

Dr. Kristina Lagerstedt is a tech and healthcare entrepreneur and scientist, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, who founded the digital health company 1928 Diagnostics and serves as its CEO.

1928 Diagnostics offers a DNA analytics platform to hospitals and public health laboratories globally for impact infection control and diagnostics. The 1928 platform track and profiles microorganisms to save lives, costs and the power of antibiotics. 1928 Diagnostics was announced a Technology Pioneer Champion by the World Economic Forum in 2018 and Dr. Lagerstedt is a member of Digital Leaders of Europe.

Dr. Lagerstedt has also worked as a cancer scientist within pediatric oncology at Sahlgrenska University hospital focusing on identifying and commercializing molecular biomarkers for detecting and guiding the treatment of cancer.