Henk Veeze

Senior International Medical Director
Diabeter Nederland

Henk Veeze worked as pediatrician from 1985 up until 1998 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam/Sophia Children’s hospital, dept. Paediatrics and dept. of clinical genetics. From 1998 up until 2006 he worked at the IJsselland Hospital.

In 2006 he started in Rotterdam together with pediatrician Henk-Jan Aanstoot Diabeter Nederland, a specialised center for diabetes care and research. From 2008 there are four more centers started in Eindhoven, Deventer, Schiphol-Amsterdam and Groningen.

One of the main topics of Diabeter is the design and all programming tasks of a multidisciplinary Patient Care Database system (Vcare), a complete paperless patient-record system securing the patients and centre quality of care, import and monitoring of all data from patient devices at home and implement steps toward cloudcare for diabetes. Developed guiding algorhytmes for optimal pump settings and insuline dosing on MDI patients. Diabeter is a certified center dedicated to provide comprehensive and individualized care for children and adults with type 1 diabetes and one of the largest diabetes specialist centers in Europe, currently managing well over 2.900 patients. The aim for every diabetes patient is to keep glucose levels as well controlled as possible and to minimize the development of chronic complications. By making use of the latest technologies and cutting-edge clinical research, Diabeter helps patients towards a complication free future.

In May 2017 Diabeter won the Value Based HealthCare Award from Michael Porter.

Major Research Experience:

  • Study of chloride transport in intestinal biopsies of patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) which unmasked the pathophysiological role of different levels of residual chloride secretions in preserving the clinical phenotype. Thesis Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL, 1995).
  • Senior Investigator: Alternative chloride secretory pathways bypassing the CF-defect in the European Twin and Sibling Study for CF, 1997.
  • Study of diabetes in cystic fibrosis patients, chloride transport defects and male infertility.
  • Development of clinical dashboard, displaying the performance in patient care of all individual care providers in order to exchange best practice in order to improve outcome of all patients.