EIT Health Summit Łódź 2018

“Łódź Creates” is the city’s motto emphasising how important creative industries in Łódź are. Furthermore, it incorporates ambitions and an idea of a city that is ready to accept new challenges. We have also used it as the motto for this year’s event, as creating “healthy lives in Europe” is another very important challenge that the city is facing together with EIT Health.

Łódź is the third most populated city located in central Poland. It is called the “Polish Manchester” due to the textile industry that was huge here in the 19th and 20th centuries. Currently, Łódź is one of the fastest-developing cities. It focuses on infrastructural investments, revitalisation, education and business, and it has been undergoing an outstanding metamorphosis. The dynamics and growth of this city attract tourists and entrepreneurs. Due to educating specialists in cooperation with local universities as well as the competitive advantage in attracting IT companies, Łódź is also called the Polish IT hub. This is where the 3rd edition of EIT Health Summit 2018 will be organised.

Piotrkowska Street is the heart of Łódź, which is one of the longest retail streets in Europe. Beautifully-renovated secession- and eclectic-style tenement houses, villas, magnificent palaces of former entrepreneurs as well as complexes of 19th century industrial architecture are majestically displayed here. Museums, pubs, restaurants, clubs, art galleries and cinemas can also be found along Piotrkowska Street, which is a representation of Łódź in a nutshell.