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Welcome and HVC Keynotes

Thursday 26 November 2020

00:00 - Welcome and Opening Remarks

Jan-Philipp Beck welcomed attendees to the second session of the summit series. As CEO of EIT Health, Jan-Philipp’s overarching objective is to support EIT Health’s vision of connecting the healthcare needs of European citizens with policymakers and its incredible network of over 140 partners to deliver innovative healthcare solutions that can positively transform healthcare outcomes across Europe. In this video he introduced the topic of high-value care.

06:40 - High-Value Care: Evidence-based Transformation in Patient Care​

In this keynote, leading expert Christina Åkerman spoke to Pieter de Bey (Santeon) about how bringing patients into the decision-making process has improved treatment outcomes. They also covered the benefits of benchmarking, learning communities and scalability. Following this, Henk Veeze (Diabeter Nederland) and Jan Hazelzet (Erasmus MC) discussed incentives and rewards in this area. 


Meet the Innovators Session Recordings

Combating Childhood Obesity

This half-hour session showcased an EIT Health project that advocates the provision of high-value care.  Attendees heard from the project lead about how he is driving the development of a digital eCoach for children with overweight and obesity issues. The eCoach provides a tailored intervention to each child, who learns which situations in daily life are risky (i.e. high caloric food consumption, sedentary behavior). This eCoach has been developed through co-creation exercises with both children and parents.

Integrated Personalised Diabetes Management (iPDM-GO)

This half-hour session showcased an EIT Health project that advocates the provision of high-value care.  Attendees learned more about how iPDM-GO strives to support diabetes self-management and improve citizens’ quality of life with innovative tools that promote outcome-based healthcare payments. iPDM-GO's goal is to encourage individualised treatment of diabetes, as well as payment systems that reward better healthcare, throughout Europe.

Are all Outcomes Equal?

In the early 2000s, Alison McGregor and Ania Henley ran a study to determine the optimal post-operative management of spinal surgery patients, investigating the possible benefits of a rehabilitation programme and/or an educational booklet. This conversation between Alison (Professor of Musculoskeletal Biodynamics at Imperial College, London) and Ania (a member of the EIT Health Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Board) covered the important lessons they learnt.

Delivering Outcomes that Matter with Xploro

This half-hour session showcased an EIT Health project that advocates the provision of high-value care. Dom Raban established Xploro after his daughter recovered from cancer and he realised the importance of providing patients with treatment information – something that was lacking in his daughter's experience. Xploro has subsequently developed a therapeutics platform that uses augmented reality, artificial intelligence and gaming to reduce procedural anxiety among children.

Speaker Preview Videos

Christina Åkerman

Christina Åkerman (Dell Medical School) discussed her High-Value Care session - Evidence-based Transformation in Patient Care.

Dr Jan Hazelzet

In this session preview, Jan proposed that value-based healthcare is about much more than just measuring the outcomes; it’s about implementation, a team-based approach and continuous improvement.