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Welcome and AI Keynotes

Tuesday 24 November 2020

00: 00 - Welcome and Opening Remarks 

A welcome to the summit series, included a strategic update delivered by Alexander von Gabain, Chairman of the Supervisory Board for EIT Health and the Managing Directors of the EIT Health Hubs.

25:45 - Implementing AI In Healthcare: Success Beyond The Buzzword

In the summit series’ opening keynote, EIT Health’s Director of Innovation, Jorge Juan Fernández, conversed with John Halamka - the Mayo Clinic Platform President - and leading medical futurist, Bertalan Meskó. Together, they discussed the opportunities AI presents for healthcare and debated the challenges to its successful implementation at scale across Europe.

Meet the Innovators Session Recordings

Digital Control Centre for COVID-19

A virtual control centre for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 that was under the supervision of an expert infectious disease specialist. Via this tool, the expert received relevant patient information from electronic health records that enabled them to: Independently assess, validate, or augment the patient treatment plan; Identify the most seriously ill patients; Acquire learnings; and, Determine which patients met the appropriate criteria for hospital discharge.

Expert 3D

EXPERT3D offered an insight into an innovative training programme to give health-related professionals the theoretical and practical knowledge needed for the use of disruptive new imaging technologies for diagnosis.


HelloAiris is a course which helps medical professionals gain the skills they need to adapt to the changes in healthcare that are caused by increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The healthcare profession, especially in fields like radiology and pathology, is being changed through the use of AI. Based on a previous, successful EIT Health summer course called HelloAI, this programme introduced participants to basic knowledge of how AI can power healthcare and empower healthcare professionals.


OncoWatch provides improved prostate cancer diagnostics and new analytical tools for precision medicine, leading to improved care, reduced time to treatment, cost savings and accelerated drug implementation. OncoWatch provides game changing improvements to prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment by combining Big Data, AI and cloud-based technologies to achieve several advances.


The SUOG assistant provides the ultrasound operator in real-time and during the scan, with relevant information when he faces unusual features. The SUOG assistant provides iterative intelligent guidance (what is relevant to look for, based on the previous normal and abnormal findings, and diagnosis hypothesis) and displays relevant expert-validated ultrasound images to enforce the provided guidance.

Speaker Preview Videos

Dr Bertalan Meskó

In this teaser video, Dr Bertalan Meskó (The Medical Futurist Institute) discussed his Artificial Intelligence session - Implementing AI in Healthcare: Success Beyond the Buzzword (24 November).

Jorge Juan Fernández

In this teaser video, Jorge discussed how his role facilitates the acceleration of innovation, and how his session at the EIT Health Summit Series would help attendees understand the capabilities and possibilities - both current and future - for AI to transform healthcare.