Deep Dive: EIT Health Catapult Final

29th October 2020

Discover the future game-changers in BioTech, MedTech and Digital Health


The EIT Health Catapult, currently in its fifth year of operation, is a training and competition programme that boosts the development of European health start-ups by exposing them to top-quality experts and international investors.

Every year the programme sources and accelerates 42 European start-ups in BioTech, MedTech and Digital Health, and gives them high-quality training in business modelling and planning, investment deal negotiation and pitch training, as well as facilitated access to top-level experts and investors.

The EIT Health Catapult start-ups are fast-tracked to becoming part of the EIT Health Community of world-leading companies and international-class research organisations, as well as the EIT Health Investors Network.

Since 2016 the programme has supported 189 start-ups, with 250 investors contributing to an EIT Health Catapult community of over 2,500 people and projects.

Increasing the Reach

The current pandemic has created challenges for every business and project, but EIT Health has used the situation as an opportunity to explore new formats for the EIT Health Catapult programme.

Dr. Kurt Höller, Director of Business Creation at EIT Health, said: “For several years, our physical live pitches always have been a great opportunity to foster personal interaction between European investors and a selection of the best European start-ups. Now facing fully virtual semi-finals, we are inviting investors and corporates from all over the globe to meet with and see the pitches of all those top-notch European health start-ups that have won this year’s regional pre-selections!”

The Journey

Regional Selection 

Pre-selection amongst the applicants is conducted by region and is based on a common set of criteria, with assessments to assure that the quality of start-ups representing each region is outstanding in an international context.

To qualify, the start-up candidates had to meet specific key criteria:

  • Micro and small enterprises, (less than 50 employees), spin-offs and start-ups with business concepts in MedTech, BioTech and digital health.
  • Already incorporated and operating in an EU country
  • Looking for seed or series A funding, at least €500k and with self-valuation of at least €1m
  • Have collected at least €500k funding (private or public) or had at least €500k revenue last year


Here’s a snapshot of the multi-stage selection process:


The best regional start-ups in each of the categories were identified in May 2020 and 42 start-ups were invited to join the EIT Health Catapult semi-finals at the end of October. You can see the full portfolio of semi-finalists here.

Following the semi-final pitches, the top seven start-ups in the three categories of BioTech, MedTech and Digital Health – have now been selected. Each team will now pitch their solution to the EIT Health network (one of the largest healthcare communities worldwide, including over 150 leading healthcare organisations) at the EIT Health Summit Series.

The Finalists

Dr. Kurt Höller, Director of Business Creation at EIT Health, said: “Congratulations to the finalists. The level of quality has been exceptional and the final will be a fantastic opportunity for these teams to get some well-deserved visibility in front of our community of experts and investors”.

The finalists in BioTech are:

  • Gelmetix:DXM (UK) - designing bio-inductive gels that modify cell behaviour
  • GoodGut S.L. (Spain) - developing a non-invasive, low-cost patented test for colorectal cancer
  • LenioBio (Germany) - disrupting the way proteins are made
  • MEDETIA (France) - advancing a first-in-class treatment for ciliopathies
  • PhagoMed (Austria) - investigating the therapeutic applications of endolysins and phages
  • Seekyo Therapeutics (France) - developing the next generation of chemotherapies
  • UVera (Poland) - creating an interdisciplinary approach to skin protection against UV radiation


The finalists in MedTech are:

  • Aortyx S.L. (Spain) - developing endovascular devices that allow for endogenous regeneration of the aorta
  • GRADIENT (France) - developing a minimally invasive approach for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension
  • New Born Solutions S.L. (Spain) - detecting and monitoring infectious diseases in serous body fluids
  • PerAGraft (Germany) - developing individualised implants for cardiovascular applications
  • Sentinel Biosensor (UK) - developing wearable, continuous, vital-signs monitors with medical-grade accuracy
  • STIL B.V. (Netherlands) - stabilizing hand tremors using the concept of noise-cancelling
  • Zoan BioMed (Ireland) - designing orthopedic devices through the sustainable cultivation of tropical marine coral


The finalists in Digital Health are:

  • Brainscan (Poland) - developing AI to detect and classify pathological changes occurring in CT examinations
  • CardiLink (Germany) - ensuring installed automated external defibrillators can save lives at the time of need
  • Methinks Software S.L. (Spain) - developing AI imaging software to reduce the time-to-treatment for strokes
  • PatchAI (Italy) - transforming clinical research through digital health solutions
  • Popit (Finland) - tackling the problem of medication non-adherence through patented sensor technology
  • Smart Soft Ltd.(Netherlands) - providing data capture, process automation and image recognition solutions
  • SpotLab S.L. (Spain) – developing a digital ecosystem for remote and automated medical imagery analysis


In the coming weeks, EIT Health will be profiling the finalists and their projects via their social media channels, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What's At Stake?

All participating start-ups win valuable recognition during both the semi-finals and the finals, and the seven finalists in each category will compete for a podium place and three prizes per category, worth €40,000, €20,000, and €10,000.

Additionally, one of the finalists will win the Alex Casta Audience Award and get a unique opportunity to have their logo displayed on the Nasdaq Tower in New York’s Times Square, where it will be seen by millions of people worldwide.

This year, the EIT Health Catapult has also joined forces with leading healthcare players in Europe to further support the most promising start-ups. Amazon Web Services (AWS), L3S Partnership, Virdis Group, Lallianse and McDermott Will & Emery have all sponsored additional prizes that will provide the winners with their expertise and support. 

Meet The Innovators 

During the EIT Health Virtual Summit Series on 3 December, there will be a Meet The Innovators session. This will be a chance for all attendees to learn more about the projects of the four finalists in each of the three categories who haven’t been placed first, second or third (during the closed jury session on 30 November).