COVID-19 Procedures

The following document contains the COVID-19 mitigation procedures for the EIT Health Summit 2022. The below document applies to all attendees at the event, and any individuals found to be in breach of this guidance may be asked to leave the event and will be entitled to no reimbursement.

The event organisers reserve the right to update these procedures to further mitigate the risk of COVID-19, or to follow updated guidance and/or law from the Swedish Government or local authorities.

Attendee Procedures

All attendees must follow the below procedures:

• All attendees are encouraged face covering when indoors.

• Attendees are encouraged to maintain a minimum 1m distance from other attendees.

• Attendees must wherever possible maintain a minimum 1m distance from other attendees.

Venue Procedures

To minimise risk, the following procedures will be implemented by the venue and/or event organisers:

• Hydroalcoholic gel and/or hand washing stations to be made available to attendees

• If additional measures are required during the event to ensure the safety of attendees, these will be communicated via email and the event application.




Swedish Public Health Agency